Craft production
of semi-preserved fish

and knowledge
of the product

Rouremar is a family-run business that has been dedicated to the wholesale and retail purchase of fresh fi sh, as well as the production of semi-preserved fish, for more than 40 years.

In the 1990s, our products experienced an important growth in sales thanks to the eff ort, professionalism, product knowledge, quality of the raw materials and the trust of our customers. The result has been the creation of the ROUREMAR company, founded by Francisco Cester and his children, dedicated exclusively to the production of semi-preserved and salted fish products, particularly diff erent types of anchovies.

ROUREMAR is strategically located 15 km south of Barcelona, very near the fi shing ports and main markets, with excellent air, sea and land connections to all of Spain and Europe.

New facilities were inaugurated in 2000, adapting all our processes to new technologies and EU standards in order to meet the demands of our market and customers. ROUREMAR has more than 3,500 m³ of cold storage to keep our raw materials in perfect condition for the production process of our products.

We select the best
of the Cantabrian for you

The origin of Cesmar is excellence. Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea are caught in spring when, thanks to the conditions of the sea, we obtain the best product, with excellent nutritional and culinary properties.

Once we receive the raw material from our artisans, we create the best products through a process of hand selection, classification and processing, with the highest quality standards.

Vilamar, tradition
and quality since 1968

Vilamar’s products keep alive the tradition of skillfully creating semi-conserves of salted and pickled anchovies. The process begins with the selection of the very best anchovies found in our seas. Once the raw materials have been selected, expert hands clean and prepare the fillets of fish for consumption.

Fresh products
from our seas

Our fi sh comes from the coasts of the Mediterranean and Cantabrian Seas. It is transported in refrigerated lorries from the port to our facilities, where it is transformed into the finished product, in a process using natural ingredients, such as salt, pure wine vinegar and oil to produce a natural product with no artificial preservatives or food colouring.

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